church Life

There is dynamic that happens when you share your experience, strength and hope in Jesus with others. At ALCC, our inclusive, diverse and caring community is a great place to find faith, share faith and experience your life with God.

Our leaders have provided a variety of weekly/monthly opportunities for you to connect with our faith community and with God.

Good morning cafe

Good Morning Cafe 10 am - 10:30 am

We're doing Cafe a bit differently these days.  Make your favourite beverage (and snack)

Connect with others through ZOOM for FBLive and catch up while we wait for the service to begin.

Join in the trivia at 10:25 am.

The Cafe is a great way to connect and be connected.  It is your opportunity to catch up, share a burden or celebrate someone's happiness . 

Sunday service

10:30 am

Join us on ALCCyoutube or AbundantLife FB or HERE page.  

We're doing things a little differently these days, just as you are.  

Let's come #separatelytogether for church.  Music, message and MESSAG-ING!  What a fun way to participate.

What we do

  • ALCC KiDs

    We have a fun "packet" for the kids each Sunday.  Follow the link and enjoy watching your kids experience their faith and grow while having fun.

  • momentum youth ministsry

    momentum is learning how to grow and experience their faith through technology and relationship.

    Sundays & Wednesday's




    10-16 years

  • Celebrate Recovery

    12 step Bible based recovery program for our hurts, habits a-d hang-ups. If you are stressed out, having a hard time forgiving someone, dealing with addiction or relationships, this Christ centered ministry is for you. Celebrate Recovery is for you.

    Where do you go when you feel alone, isolated and facing the hurts, habits and hang ups  of life?

    We're connecting on Zoom:

    THURSDAYS @ 7 pm-9 pm

    Women's Open Share Group via ZOOM

    contact Shelley 519-200-5094


  • response

    What do we do with this transformed life of ours?  We give back to others, to our community, to those who are...where we were.


    Dominican Republic

    September 2019

    One of our initiatives is to bring God's and love to the people and families through Servant's Heart Ministries in the Dominican Republic. 

    ALCC Missions Experience 2019 video

    At ALCC, we are starting a new way to show our GENEROSITY by supporting various organizations in and around London.  Stay tuned for an update.

  • Men's Group

    We need each other! Building and strengthening relationships brings encouragement, a place to talk about life and to discover and deepen our faith. 

    Men's Zoom Meeting

    May 2020

  • sisterhood: Women's Worship NIGHT

    We can sometimes come and go, and not connect with other women the way we want or need too.  Our night of music and connecting is available for deepening relationships with God and those around us. 

  • Life Groups

    Community is a desire created in us by God to share our lives together. 

    The purpose of LIFE GROUPS is to provide opportunities to connect relationaly and grow spiritually.  Love and acceptance, grace and a merciful heart are basic elements.

    Jesus spent time with people just sitting around a fire and talking about life and things that matter.  Come and join us as we do the same. 

    Sunday's 6-7:30 pm

    Wednesday's 6:30-8 pm

  • good morning cafe

    Sometimes it's a bit of a rush to get out the door so you can be at church in time. No need to worry. When you arrive at ALCC, the smell of freshly brewed coffee reminds you of HOME.  The few moments you take to enjoy a coffee/tea and homemade snack and mingle, are moments to unwind from the drive/bus ride.  Moments to meet a new person, say hi to friend, to listen or be listened to.

    No matter what the reason, the Cafe is a friendly begining to our community.

  • multi media

    What would we do without out sound, powerpoint and computers? They add fun and focus to our music, message and announcements.

  • Music team

    I'm ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe

    Ready to sing, ready to raise a God song

    Psalms 108:1-2 (Message Bible)

    Music opens the heart to receive God's love and healing. Prayer is the key to great worship, and worship is more than a song.