This 8 week series was created to do as a family at home!

It will include:

-a family lesson that parents can do with all ages

-a video that will help kids identify their emotions and respond to them in a healthy and Godly way

They will see how to use the BLUEPRINT of God's Word to manage their feelings by following these 3 steps.

1. STOP - to name the emotion you are feeling

2. LOOK - at what is going on inside you and around you to make you feel that way

3. LISTEN - to what God says about that feeling

Kids live

A weekly live video chat with Bethany from her home.  

A time your ALCC KiDS can catch up and be encouraged.


6-6:15 Preschool

6:15-6:30 Elementary

jr. high (10-16 years)

Our Jr. High's meet with Pastor Mike & Alicia Sunday nights and Wednesdays via ZOOM.

follow them at alcc.momentum