THe Story Small Group

The SMALL GROUPS are designed for discussion, questions and exploration of the the Bible reading and message from Sunday morning.

The groups are made of people who, like you, want to know more about God, to explore the Bible in a comfortable atmosphere and discuss what you have learned or discovered about God and yourself.

We have various groups available

Sunday's  4-5:30pm  and 6-7:30pm

Wednesday's 6-7:30 pm

Friday's 7-8:30 pm

Contact the office for locations or call (519) 858-4123

The Story for kids

The PARADISE KIDS (newborn-3 years)

The PLAYROOM (JK-Grade 6)

THE STORY is for all ages and our KIDMIN groups will be participating with curriculum designed especially for their age group. 

They have their own Bibles and program to follow along, discover and grow with their parents and caregivers.  Keep an eye out for the take home pages.

Sunday's 10:30-noon

THE STORY for Teens

The Bible as one continuous STORY will bring to life the characters and events that shape what we believe, and why believe.

Wednesday's  5:30-8pm

Crazy Games

One of 31 lessons from THE STORY BIBLE

Creative and Interactive Small Groups